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The beauty industry is on a roller coaster ride. New technologies are coming out daily. We are bombarded with new products, new techniques and new formulas. The question is, how do we stand out and how do we become the most talked about and recognized among our peers?  The answer is​ Image Ignite 360.


Image Ignite 360 provides professional training for nonprofits, schools, and corporations, as well as professional development opportunities for educators, administrators, and staff.  We provide a 360-degree self-assessment for youth and families. It gives youth the opportunity to share their ideas, experiences, and perspectives. It can also be used to create engaging youth programs, workshops, and trainings. 

Training Include

  • Ignite your Image Speaker Sessions

  • Youth and Community Programs

  • Corporate Training Programs

  • Health and Wellness Events

  • Healing Circles (Trauma- Informed Approaches)

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