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Our Philosophy

Image Ignite 360

Established in 2013, Image Ignite 360 is a revolutionary certified women minority owned (M/WBE) spa clinic that delivers a wide range of non-invasive skin care treatments and resources to help you on your journey to a healthy, youthful-looking skin. We help improve the appearance of skin imbalances, age spots, and sun damage. We also provide workplace training and community health and wellness programs. JUST IMAGINE!


About the Owner


As featured in American Spa Magazine, Tiffany Lewis is a Master Clinical Oncology Esthetician, Global Educator, and Subject Matter Expert. With over ten years of experience, she provides exceptional services and educates clients on ways to achieve optimal skincare results.

Tiffany is the first woman of color to become certified in Oncology Esthetics in Western New York. She understands how cancer affects cells, the possible causes of cancer, cancer therapy side effects, the lymphatic system and oncology, massage, immunology, sanitation and infection control procedures, and the psychological effects of cancer with other practices specific to this discipline.  

In June 2014, she trained with former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Esthetician, JoElle Lee, receiving another certificate in Dealing with Multicultural Skin. She is certified in Trauma-Informed Care, Adverse Childhood Experience & Resiliency (ACEs), Support for Student Exposed to Trauma (SSET), and Parent Engagement in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Additionally, Social Work from the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work, Racial Equity Impact Analysis from Racial Equity Institute, and Diversity, Inclusion, & Cultural Competence from E.K. Ward & Associates. 

She is featured in industry magazines, authored articles in local newspapers, and is a featured guest on television and radio shows. Her preeminence in her field through her work with celebrities, professional athletes, and world-renowned artistic directors has afforded her to be a highly regarded expert in Esthetics.


With the support of her family and friends, she continues to advocate for health and wellness and educate herself on the ever-changing techniques and applications that will allow for more results-oriented services.

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Licenced to Practice Esthetics in NYS since 2013
NYS Licence No. - 28LE1428592

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